Ramon Pinho's Tetris



Tetris Java Version

Foto do tetris

This is my java version of Tetris. It was an evolution of the first game I did using Delphi. Uses threads, added little songs, have more colors and has a new block to put that mess. Requires Java. Download (Version 2008-03-15)


Use the Main menu -> Start to start a new game.
Use the little arrows left and right to move the Tetris piece left or right.
Press and hold down to speed up play Tetris.
Press space bar or 'Z' to rotate the piece clockwise.
Press 'X' to rotate the part in the anti-clockwise.
Use the Main menu -> Exit to exit the game.
At Level 1, deleting a single line gives 1 point,
clearing two lines gives 10 points,
clearing three lines at once gives 50 points and four lines 100 points.
The higher the level the more points you earn erasing lines.
Table Levels

Level Rows
2 10
3 12
4 15
5 18
6 20


Tetris Delphi Version

Tetris de Delphi

This is my first Tetris game developed with Delphi. It was pretty bad, actually, does not use threads, keyboard control was done with shortcut component, so that makes the gameplay pretty bad. Download (Version 2007-03-30)